United States


Denver based duo, runs Black/Tuesday Record Label and Clothing Brand

Black/Tuesday takes incompatible threads and finds ways to weave them together. For individually, these threads are powerless bits and pieces but together they create something invaluable.

Matthew Reyer and Joe Burchard weave grooves, sounds and textures with a focus on movement. Their DJ sets are inspired by extended sets, taking crowds on journeys through genres inspired by 90’s house, techno, minimal and all that lies beneath. Finding connection with Romanian influence these two have mastered the importance of blending music, sounds and samples to create pressure and release over time.

Meeting early in life, these two are no strangers to the ins and outs of each other’s work flow. Both longtime residents of Club Vinyl and TheHundred party series these two have been playing records with and around each other for years. Late night hang outs turned into late night production sessions, naturally evolving into a musical partnership.

Love of curation led to the creation of their label, Black/Tuesday Limited; a vinyl-only series releasing a blend of genres and artists including Silat Beksi, Counrad and Sascha Dive.

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