Cesare vs Disorder

Cesare Marchese (aka Cesare vs Disorder, Azimute, Queen Atom, Strangers in Heaven, Cez) is an Italian now Brazilian based artist, composer, music producer and audio engineer.

Having lived for many years in London, Cesare relocated to Berlin a few years back, a city that he’s always held close to his heart, during his time there he held residencies at the most acclaimed clubs. Now based in São Paulo since a few years he’s setting Brazil nightlife ablaze with events in main cities but also touring the planet constantly. His background is eclectic, obsessive, ranging from classical music studies and live drums to a deep passion for jazz, electronica and hip hop and his discography stretches over for years and continents and includes top labels such as Cocoon, Bpitch Control, Transmat and Vakant plus his own label Serialism that has been a reference in the industry since more than a decade.

Serialism is Cesare’s cutting edge record label based in between Berlin, Sao Paulo and London. The label focuses on the techno and house side of electronic music. Serialism has gained recognition internationally over the last few years for its roster of artists and array of killer releases and collaborations. With more than forty wax releases to date, the label style varies from elegant refined house to slow techno and soulful grooves, Jazz and swing influences incased in industrial minimal and bouncy house stem effortlessly through Serialism’s signature.

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